2nd Annual Greater Than 7 Event

2nd Annual Greater Than 7 Event

In September 2014, the Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) launched the inaugural Greater Than 7 week which encouraged courageous conversations and highlighted the equity and diversity work that’s happening across campus. Over 45 events took place, and OED is calling for departments, units and student groups to continue the courageous conversations and actions they began last year.

Greater Than 7 logoThis year’s week takes place from October 5-11, 2015.

October 5-October 11 is only 7 days, and we know that a week represents only the beginning of a multitude of conversations about equity and diversity and how they impact your life.

Potential ideas include (but are not limited to): a workshop, a guest speaker, a student-specific event, or maybe just an open house for a particular unit, group or department, highlighting its work regarding equity and diversity. (Please note: the event could be something already planned OR a new idea.) Groups are also encouraged to collaborate with one another where appropriate.

Submit your event online.


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