Online disability training for instructors

Online disability training for instructors

As a University of Minnesota instructor, do you sometimes struggle to figure out how to best serve students with disabilities in your courses? Do you sometimes wonder what is “required” and whether you have to do everything that a student asks you to do?

In conjunction with trainEd, the training division of leading Minnesota law firm Gray Plant Mooty, and with the input of a cadre of University of Minnesota instructors, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) has launched a short on-line training video developed to help instructors with questions like these. This 12-minute video* is followed by an optional quiz.

Here are some of the topic areas covered in the video:

  • What are instructors legally required to do?
  • What is considered a disability?
  • How are reasonable accommodations determined and carried out?
  • What roles do instructors, the DRC and students play in the accommodations process?
  • How can instructors best prepare to provide optimal access in their classes?

*Training video is intended only for University of Minnesota instructors and staff

Learn more and access the video »

[Photo credit: Disability Resource Center]


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