Greater Than 7 Kick-Off Discusses Race and Resistance Movements

Greater Than 7 Kick-Off Discusses Race and Resistance Movements

The second annual Greater Than 7 event kicked off on Monday, October 5 with a panel entitled “America the Beautiful?: Perspectives on Race, Otherness, and Resistance Movements.” The panelists included:

  • Melvin Carter, Jr., retired St. Paul Police Sergeant and co-founder of Save our Sons;

    2015 Greater Than 7 Panelists
    Panelists, l-r: Abeer Syedah, Ricardo Levins Morales, Duchess Harris, and Melvin Carter, Jr. Photo Credit: Office for Equity and Diversity
  • Duchess Harris, Professor and Chair, Macalaster College Department of American Studies;
  • Ricardo Levins Morales, artist, activist, and owner of RLM Art Studio;
  • Abeer Syedah, University of Minnesota student in political science, and Vice President, Minnesota Student Association.

The discussion focused on the ways in which racial justice issues and resistance movements are playing out in Twin Cities communities. When asked for their suggestions regarding how to advance racial justice work in our communities, the panelists offered these ideas (among many others):

  • Engage in courageous and critical conversations;
  • Be committed to a practice of truth-telling;
  • Consider what side of history you want to be on;
  • Be willing to fight for things that may not seem like they will directly impact you;
  • Make your social change efforts accessible; and
  • Acknowledge the things you don’t know, and take responsibility for learning as you move forward.

What things would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments or respond on social media using the hashtag #GreaterThan7.

[Photo credit: Office for Equity and Diversity]


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