CORE Program Director on Urban Perspectives

CORE Program Director on Urban Perspectives

On Sunday, September 20th, Community Outreach, Retention and Engagement (CORE) Program director Mauriell Amechi was featured on the Emmy-nominated show Urban Perspectives. The September 20th episode focused on “Educating Our Communities” and showcased K-16 pipeline initiatives in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The CORE 2025 program is an early outreach, high-touch cohort pipeline program with the objective of building a larger pipeline of academically prepared, college-ready multicultural students (defined as African American, Hispanic/Latino, Hmong, Mexican American, Multiracial, Native American, Somali, Asian Pacific Islanders, as well as other under resourced populations). The goals of C2025 are to identify high-achieving multicultural students in Minnesota and to increase the number of students who graduate from the University of Minnesota annually by 2025.

CORE 2025 launched in late August with an event attended by University and community stakeholders:

[Header photo credit: Urban Perspectives]


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