U of M-Twin Cities Receives AANAPISI Designation

U of M-Twin Cities Receives AANAPISI Designation

I am delighted to announce that the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus has received designation as an Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution (AANAPISI) from the United States Department of Education.

The AANAPISI program provides opportunities to apply for federal funding and assistance to improve and expand our campus’ capacity to serve Asian Americans and Native American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), and under-resourced students.

A dedicated group of staff and faculty across the Office for Equity and Diversity and various colleges, departments and units worked diligently to complete the application for designation eligibility. Because of their collaborative efforts, individuals, groups and departments throughout our campus community will be able to apply for AANAPISI 2016 institutional grant funding that will help us enrich the opportunities available to our AAPI students.

AANAPISI institutional grants, which are due to be announced soon, often range from $200,000 – $300,000 per year for a total of up to 1,500,000 over 5 years, and fund many types of initiatives, including:

  • Increasing student retention and progression through college level courses by re-engineering student support services and supplemental instruction and providing enhanced faculty professional development;
  • Development of a Summer Bridge program to bridge the gap between two-year and four-year colleges and universities;
  • Strengthening assessment and integrating academic advising, academic support and academic enrichment under a new center;
  • Developing faculty development, including workshops in high-impact pedagogies, technology, and instructional methods for teaching under-prepared students;
  • Developing an endowment fund to meet ongoing costs for maintenance and upgrades to technology;
  • Development of smart classrooms and improvement and technological enhancements to classrooms.

Over the next year, we look forward to advancing current relationships and forging new partnerships with faculty and staff across disciplines for a shared vision of the work related to the AANAPISI program. We also plan to share stories of our ongoing work with and on behalf of AAPI students.

While this designation is focused on Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander communities, we know that our entire campus climate will be positively impacted. Our participation in the AANAPISI program is one effort among many that supports our shared goal of advancing a University climate where all can succeed and thrive.


Katrice A. Albert
Vice President for Equity and Diversity

[Infographic courtesy of Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund]



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