2016 Equity and Diversity Transformation Award Recipients

2016 Equity and Diversity Transformation Award Recipients

Established by the Office for Equity and Diversity, the University of Minnesota’s Equity and Diversity Transformation Awards seek to infuse equity and diversity into every aspect of the University’s teaching, learning, research, service and outreach by funding creative yet pragmatic proposals for projects that support equity and diversity initiatives.

The focus for the 2016 awards is building capacity for institutional change through the use of strategic partnerships. Partnerships must go beyond financial assistance/sponsorship and efforts must exemplify working in collaboration in one or more of the following ways:

  • Internal: partnership of two or more units/offices within a larger department or college OR partnership of two or more units/offices across various departments or colleges.
  • External: partnership of one or more units/departments with one or more external stakeholders (community organizations, corporations, etc.).

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2016 Equity and Diversity Transformation Award:

Boynton LGBTQIA Assessment
Boynton Health Services, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

This project is an audit of Boynton Health current practices and infrastructure. The goal of the project is to determine opportunities to improve services and follow best practices for serving the LGBTQIA community at the University of Minnesota. The project will result in a written report of findings, as well as presentations to Office for Equity and Diversity and Office for Student Affairs leadership and Boynton Health staff.

Centering Race and Racial Equity in Service-Learning
Center for Community Engaged Learning, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

This award would provide foundational support to help us investigate how issues of race, racism and racial equity are currently addressed in U of MN service-learning classes and to identify gaps as well as strengths we can build on in future efforts to better support faculty in this work.

Equity and Diversity in Latin America and Spain: Art, Lecture, and Film Series
Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures & Art and Design, University of Minnesota Duluth

Equity and Diversity in Latin America and Spain: Art, Lecture, and Film Series, which will take place in Spring 2017, creates a strategic partnership between faculty members that research and teach in areas of equity and diversity in Hispanic and Latin American studies at University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) across collegiate units and departments. The series will attract a wide audience of UMD students, staff, and faculty, as well as Twin Ports community members. It includes 1) an art exhibition; 2) five scholarly presentations by UMD faculty; and 3) the presentation, showing, and discussion of two films at the local Arts and Community movie theater in Duluth (Zinema).

Medicinal Plants in Minnesota: Native American Perspectives
Department of Plant Biology, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

We are hosting a multicultural exhibit on medicinal plants at the Northrop Gallery during the 2017 year in conjunction with a round-robin gallery tour that will incorporate local artists, indigenous, and immigrant views of medicinal plants at museums across the Twin Cities area. This project will integrate research strengths of the University of Minnesota from departments as diverse as medicine, anthropology, and business with the knowledge and expertise of local community members to forge connections between the University and the larger community around plants, health, and wellness.

Supporting Students of Color/International Students and Enhancing Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity: A Collaborative Project
Employees of Color Mentoring Program, University of Minnesota Duluth

This project is a series of planned activities which objectives are to connect international students and students of color to employees of color (EOC), communities of color and communities of other nationalities for increased social support and mentoring; to facilitate the exposure of international student to the rich US culture and thus enhance social interaction/inclusion; and to showcase the benefits of cultural diversity on the UMD campus. These activities include a meet-and- greet at the beginning of each semester, involvement of EOC in mentoring dyads/triads for SOC/international students, excursions to historical and US traditional places and events, and hosting student panels.

Teaching Issues of Social Justice in an Interdependent World
Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Members of the UMN Providers of Professional Development network group will work together with the regional group Youthrive, the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Title III schools through the Minnesota Department of Education, and other area nonprofits such as the Islamic Resource Group, and the Somali American Parent Association to plan and offer a two day professional development workshop for twenty-five licensed K-12 educators (who each teach 25-125 students per year) on Teaching Issues of Social Justice in an Interdependent World. Following the workshop, a Google site with curriculum resources and links to teaching social justice at the K-12 level will be created.


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