The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) works to leverage the transformative power of equity and diversity to advance excellence in teaching, research and community engagement.

We all share responsibility for equity and diversity—it’s everybody’s everyday work. Diversity goes well beyond numeric representation and access. Far from just enriching campus life or the academic experience, equity and diversity are critical to issues of campus culture and climate, and fundamental to everything we do at the University of Minnesota.

OED offices and major initiatives include:

The OED blog helps to tell the story of equity and diversity at the U of M by: highlighting OED achievements and instances where our work appears in the media; raising awareness of some of our most impactful signature events; sharing calls for engagement; and featuring powerful stories of faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners who are doing the work of equity and diversity.


The University of Minnesota Office for Equity and Diversity wishes to foster civil conversation through the use of blog comments. All comments are welcome as long as they do not constitute a personal attack and/or contain racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise objectionable content. Breaking of these rules could result in deleted comments or being banned from posting comments.